Nearly 30 PR Students Hit LA for a Two-Day Trip

Thursday, March 7, 2024
Agency Tour
SDSU PR students at the LA agency tour in spring 2024.

The Broom Student Fellows and a cadre of San Diego State University’s Public Relations Student Society of America members got a glimpse of their chosen career paths during a Los Angeles agency and conference trip. Caravaning to LA for a two-day trip, nearly 30 SDSU PR majors visited the offices of Allison Worldwide for an agency tour and then attended the PRSSA regional conference. 

Scott Pansky, Dana Block, Abril Pineda-Sosa and Lily Newman hosted the aspiring PR professionals and spoke about all things PR from networking to finding their own seats at the table. 

Building on his own days and mentorship from SDSU, Pansky dived into the importance of playing in the sandbox and how similar that is to an adult navigating a career. As a co-founder of Allison, Pansky’s wonder and craving to learn contributes to his success in the PR world. 

Broomie alum Abril Sosa-Pineda spoke about the power of networking and finding your passion within PR. As Allison’s Rising Star of the Year, she believes that you have to trust the process and believe in yourself as an incoming professional.

The interactive agency tour allowed the Broomies and PR students to network and learn more about how they can position themselves as professionals who will one day be rising stars. 

On March 2, the Broomies attended the Western District PRSSA Conference at California State University, Northridge.

The SDSU group learned how to live más with the keynote speaker, Matt Prince.

Along with Cal State PR peers, the Broomies and SDSU PR students cultivated new friendships with incoming professionals and networked with PR superstars.

They had the opportunity to pitch a campaign promoting diversity, equity and inclusion to the director of Lululemon’s global public affairs division, Paul Gomez. Collaborating in teams, each showcased their skills and thought-provoking ideas. Out of 11 teams, Broomies came out on top. Elle Seeler placed first with her team and Luke Dane placed third with his team. 

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