Joseph Tateoka Talks about Elevating Professional Development

Monday, March 18, 2024

On March 15, Joseph Tateoka joined the Broom Student Fellows to discuss the  ever-evolving workforce. With his 16 years working in the PR industry, Tateoka shared anecdotes, perspectives and invaluable advice for achieving work-life balance.

Hailing from Idaho, Tateoka embarked on his professional journey after finishing his academic studies with a degree in Public Relations and Communication from Brigham Young University. With his leadership role as the former Public Relations Student Society of America president at BYU, Tateoka began his career at Ruder Finn as an intern. Before long, Tateoka worked his way through the rankings, establishing his role as an Account Supervisor. 

After his time at Finn, Tateoka stepped into a new sector of PR and began his career at Edelman as an Account Supervisor for B2B tech. During his time with the global agency, Tateoka prioritized initiatives fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. In 11 enriching years at Edelman, Tateoka sought to amplify his impact by redirecting his focus.  

“I wanted to make a bigger impact,” said Tateoka. “I wanted to create a workspace environment where everyone can excel. I knew that working in human resources was the way to do this.”

As the Broomies prepare for their impending graduations, the conversation shifted from experiential narratives to strategies for navigating the work environment. Tateoka provided insight regarding the importance of billable hours in agency life and the pivotal role of personal branding. 

According to an article by Sunil Solanki, a staggering 84% of consumers believe that the personal brand of its employees influences a company’s reputation.

“I recommend dividing your life into three buckets of work that you do. One for professional work, one for personal work and one for your community,” said Tateoka. “As you build your buckets, your personal brand will grow alongside.”

Tateoka encouraged the Broomies to be curious but never judgemental and to interpret feedback as a learning invitation.

Tateoka's journey in the realm of public relations stands as a testament to the significance of adaptability, perseverance and a commitment to fostering positive change within the workplace.

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