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At the School of Journalism & Media Studies, we’re making the next generation of innovative, ethical storytellers to be leaders in their fields. In fact, we make a lot more than storytellers. We make headlines, professionals, innovators, disruptors, entrepreneurs, changemakers, visionaries, and above all—change.

To accomplish this, it takes commitment.

Commitment from our faculty, who are relentlessly devoted to providing a top-tier teaching and research experience for our students.

Commitment from our staff, who are tirelessly working to ensure student success—from advising them on classes to finding an internship to landing their first job.

Commitment from our students, to follow their passions so they may achieve their fullest potential.

And commitment from you, our alumni and community members, who provide everything from internship opportunities to financial support for our endeavors.

At JMS, we pride ourselves in being nimble enough to adapt to the constantly evolving media landscape in which we all now live so that we can train our students with the skills needed for success. But that ability takes resources.

What will your donation help do?

The School of Journalism & Media Studies prioritizes real-world experiences that help students advance throughout their careers. Our students are not just learning about the media and media professions; they are immersed in them, using San Diego and the world as a living laboratory to hone and perfect their skills before they graduate. Your contributions create opportunities for that next generation of storytellers by increasing access to experiences, helping JMS serve our society, and providing JMS resources to create and sustain new initiatives and stay current with the evolving technology landscape.

For students, these funds will be used to procure internships, scholarships, and fellowships in order to gain valuable experience and advance their professional development. Research shows that students who participate in internships are far more likely to have a job when they graduate; however, the majority of media internships continue to be unpaid, meaning it is challenging for many of our students to take on that extra work. These funds will help provide resources for students so that internship opportunities are available regardless of their financial background.

JMS strives to be a beacon to help educate and transform the world. Your contributions will support media research that will inform the public and decision makers across the country. Your giving will go towards holding public lectures and webinars on relevant topics in order to create an informed citizenry, as well as back our two nationally recognized educational centers: the Center for Science and Media and the Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations.

Lastly, your giving supports technology initiatives to train students on the latest platforms so they are prepared to enter the workforce from day one. These funds also help create new JMS programs within the School and build on current ones, such as our bilingual program, that take advantage of San Diego’s unique location on a border

QUestions? Contact the Development Office

For special considerations and for more information, please contact the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Development Office.

Elise Moersch
    Director of Development

[email protected]