PR Offers Storytelling in Different Industries

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

One of the best parts about PR is restructuring a complex subject into an easy-to-understand story. 

What is great about this profession is how you can dip into other industries. Most students are familiar with healthcare and consumer practices, but there are opportunities in biotech and life science too. You don't need an advanced degree in immunology to raise awareness about a new breakthrough - - you just need to know how to be a storyteller. 

To get a microscope-close look at this side of PR, the Broom Student Fellows visited San Diego's EVOKE Canale office.  

A new perspective

At EVOKE Canale, there is a feeling of being able to enter the world of science without being intimidated by it. 

According to Strategy+Business, younger workers are more likely to be concerned about employers not teaching them the relevant technical or digital skills needed to advance in their career: 44% of Gen Z and 43% of Millennials named this as one of their top three concerns.

This is something that EVOKE Canale takes into account. 

For the first few weeks, EVOKE Canale will provide their new hires with the resources that they need in order to learn the ins and outs of biotech. From ensuring they have access to the publications big in their clients' worlds to learning how to create narratives for more technical products, the agency takes its onboarding seriously. 

Shifting gears

According to Microsoft, 73% of Gen Z and Millennials said they would stay longer at their jobs if it’s easier to change roles internally. Staying stagnant in one role can be exhausting for someone who wants to keep exploring their options.

At EVOKE Canale, there is the opportunity to be able to learn from mentors, even if they do not work in the same department. This flexibility allows employees to be able to find what they are passionate about. Some of the working departments include public relations, web design, social media and graphic design. 

Making it work for everyone 

In a post-pandemic world, everyone has different opinions on their work preferences. Some employees would rather stay at home and be productive at their own comfort, while others would rather experience office culture. 

survey by Mercer of 800 HR leaders reported that 94% found that the staff at their companies were more or equally productive working remotely compared to working in the office.

EVOKE Canale allows their employees to choose the right formula for themselves. Employees can work completely remote, completely in-office, or follow more of a hybrid model. This allows people to choose what works best for them. After all, everybody works differently.

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