Gen Z Not Waiting for a Seat, Ready to Build Their Own Table

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Don't wait for a seat, build your own tableGen Z sees right through any kind of performative practices when it comes to DEI. If there is talk of DEI, they want to see action that backs that up. 

Action isn’t just adding an employee resource group or making a social media post about diversity. When it comes to action, Gen Z means business. According to a study, 53% of Gen Z want to see more diversity in leadership.

So where are we? 

Change may be progressing too slowly for meaningful differences to be made. As Gen Z hits the workforce, this is one of their first items of business. 

“I’m graduating soon, and as I look at the world of PR, I find that I don’t fit the typical mold of the industry,” says Kassandra Cabral, the Broom Center’s research lead. “The closer I get to starting my career, the more I’m interested in understanding how I can claim my space in the workplace and be valued.” 

Voices that make a difference

The Broom Center is gathering industry leaders to give Gen Z the tools they need to change the future of PR. As our 6th annual Allen H. Center Distinguished Lecture in Public Relations, we’re hosting a panel discussion focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion in the media industry.

This year’s Center Lecture brings San Diego State University alumnus, and former student of Glen Broom, Scott Allison back to campus. Since graduating in 1986, Allison founded what is now an award-winning global PR agency.

Allison will moderate the panel, which promises to tease out how those in the media industry can break down barriers, claim space and be valued. The panel features professionals at the top of the game who plan to share stories about their experiences in their careers. 

  • Allix Wright, vice president of Allison+Partners, vocalizes the importance of Black and LGBTQ+ rights in daily life and the value of representation in the workplace.  
  • Claudia Vargas, vice president of Allison+Partners, advocates for civil and human rights, social action and pushes for a multicultural perspective in the PR industry.
  • Dr. Jonathan Wosen, biotech and lifetime reporter at STAT news, previously spoke about his experience as a Black man in the industry at a Black in Immunology event.

“This panel is something that Gen Z needs. As the next generation, it is easy to be overlooked for wanting to be progressive and make a real change in the world,” explains Julissa Muro, messaging lead for the Broom Center. “Professionals that work to amplify those new to the workforce and more diverse voices are paving paths for a better future.” 

Taking that to task, the event will arm the Millennial, Gen X and Boomer practitioners with ways to support the incoming employees to help them claim space in the PR industry.  

We’ll save you a seat, but let us know you’re coming

Make sure to RSVP to secure a seat at the table. You won’t want to miss San Diego’s  PR event of the year.

The Broom Center’s 6th annual Allen H. Center Distinguished Lecture in Public Relations this spring will provide you with the tools to build your own table. Join us on April 6 when four industry leaders come to San Diego State University to speak in this free and open lecture series.

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