Class of 2020 Broom Student Fellows

Sunday, February 2, 2020

We notice our PR people out there grinding, working day and night to create something big for themselves. We found four in the class of 2020 at San Diego State University to champion as they jump into their careers.

Chelsea Heath, Alexis Hopper, Mariah Hugo and McKenna Wecker make up the first class of Broom Student Fellows.

The Broom Student Fellows program sprung from a conversation I had with Dr. Glen Broom this summer. When I met with him in July, we talked about the internship course he taught at what is now SDSU’s School of Journalism & Media Studies. My initial plans to recreate a version of that for the Broom Center were tempered when we unexpectedly lost our center’s namesake in later in the summer, and so the Broom Student Fellows program emerged in its place. Under the Broom Initiative, students applied for competitive selection to become a fellow.

The program will fully take shape when the fellows themselves shape it. This is their program, intended to invest in the fellows, by opening doors and giving a boost as they start their careers. My best description of the Broom Student Fellows has been to call it part agency tour, part networking and creating an audience with PR thought leaders, part PR make-a-wish professional experiences, part book club and part finishing school.

The women selected for the first-ever Broom Student Fellows class were always going somewhere, but now they will be powered by Broom Initiative in that journey.

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