Broom Initiative Rewards Your Initiative

Monday, September 30, 2019

We see you out there, pushing the status quo. Inspired by today’s public relations leaders, we are ready to jump in. How will we join you to make the practice of PR better? The Broom Center is starting with the Broom Initiative.

The Broom Initiative is all about initiative. And that is you. If you’re reading this we are willing to bet you’re the type of public relations interested person who takes initiative. You find ways to get ahead with your will and your work. You’re not afraid to get scrappy. You’re not too big to jump in and do it yourself. You push yourself to be better.

Here at the Broom Center we think that initiative makes the practice better.

We like what you’re doing. We like that you’re willing to find a way to make things happen. We want to help you make things happen. You can keep that fighting spirit, but you don’t have to be so scrappy.

Inspired by the legacy of our center’s namesake and how he shaped the practice of PR, we want to invest in you.

We will help fund research projects by junior faculty just getting their feet on the ground in the academy.

We will support events like the Commission on Public Relations Education’s West Coast Summit, which fills a room with the biggest thinkers in the practice and academy to enable roundtable discussions that push the practice forward.

We will host events like the Public Relations Society of America Educator’s Academy Super Saturday, where academics connect their scholarship with the practice at the largest professional conference in the nation.

Oh, and we have more ideas. Keep an eye out for how we take initiative in order to support your initiative.

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