What We Do

It is a simple mission: we invest in people who make public relations better. We think you earned it.

How can we help make you your best version of your professional self?

The Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations has some ideas.

Operating atop the mesa on the campus of San Diego State University, the Broom Center strives to make the public relations profession better by making you your best professional.

Under the umbrella of the Broom Initiative, the Broom Center rewards people in the public relations industry who show initiative. Programs in the Broom Initiative include:

  • Research grants for public relations faculty, with 2 grants awarded in 2020 and 3 grants in 2021.
  • Broom Student Fellows program opening doors for soon-to-be PR professionals ignited by their passion for PR.
  • Black Mass Communication Scholar database.
  • Broom Speakers Bureau is a list of pros from communities of color willing guest lecture in classes around the nation.
  • Rebates for public relations faculty who earn Accreditation in Public Relations (APR).
  • Rebates for public relations students who earn the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations.
  • Scholarships to public relations students.
  • Professional development participation support for students and PR practitioners.
  • 3P career tour series, whether a webinar or a bus tour we bring students right to the heart of the coolest PR jobs.

You can get involved in improving the practice of PR by supporting the Broom Center.

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