Learning Design and Technology Minor

Want to make a difference? Then consider a Learning Design and Technology (formerly Educational Technology) minor.

As a professional, you may be called to design, develop, implement and assess e-learning programs, informational web sites, video conferencing, educational games, and multimedia. Through a minor in Learning Design and Technology, you can hone your skills designing and developing cutting edge media technology.

Some of the skills include:
  • Designing effective training and e-learning programs
  • Reaching audiences where they live and work in cyberspace
  • Planning and developing educational and informational web sites
  • Nurturing online learning and support communities
  • Applying instructional design principles to a broad range of opportunities
  • Developing workshops using multimedia and video.

15 units -- 6 units required and 9 units elective at the 500-level.

Required (two courses - 6 units):

  • LDT 540 - Educational Technology
  • LDT 544 - Instructional Design

Electives (Select three courses – 9 units) from the following:

  • LDT 515 - Games, Play and Learning
  • LDT 525 - Virtual Reality, Imaginary Worlds and the Future of Learning
  • LDT 561 - Advanced Multimedia Design for Learning
  • LDT 596 - Topics in LDT
    *All courses except LDT596 (Consciousness Hacking) hold weekly or bi-weekly Zoom meetings at scheduled course time. Attendance is recommended but not required.

View and download the LDT Minor Program Flyer
Learn more about courses for the Minor in the LDT Minor PowerPoint Presentation

ldt minor student walking on street in San Diego.
Learning Design & Technology Minor Program Interviews

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