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Learning Design and Technology

Established more than 30 years ago, we are proud to be one of the first, and now fully online, master’s degree and certificate programs in the field! As a student in one of our programs, you will engage in courses taught by our internationally recognized faculty, as well as seasoned professionals currently working across all sectors of our field.

Our Hands-On, High-Touch LDT Program is
Now FULLY Online!

Classwork is challenging, but it’s fundamentally practical and always interesting. Students in our program learn:
  • New technologies proven to help children and adults learn and perform
  • Course design for online or face-to-face instruction and performance support – applicable to any field and organization.
  • Game design for learning experiences that are fun and effective.
  • Social media to support learning and collaboration in organizations.
  • Evaluation techniques to demonstrate the impact and value of programs, projects, and materials.
Online Programs are NOT All the Same

While all of our courses are now delivered fully online, they are not self-paced and follow a traditional semester calendar. You will still attend class sessions just as you would face-to-face on campus; regular meetings are held via sophisticated software that allows for engaging, real-time interaction.

What sets us apart is our theory-based yet practical approach that ensures students meet their personal and professional goals. This highly authentic, hands-on and problem-based approach is centered on real projects, real clients, and real opportunities for leadership and collaboration with community partner organizations. We infuse our innovative DesignLAB model throughout the curriculum, with the master’s culminating in a client-based practicum.

Now housed in SDSU’s School of Journalism and Media Studies, we are excited to be aligned with faculty members who have similar interests in community engagement and community-based service learning, and a shared philosophical belief in the theory-based practical application of digital and social media to promote learning and performance in all settings.

We also offer an active and tightknit LDT alumni network that helps students make lasting and valuable connections reaching well beyond their studies. Many of our alumni contribute to curriculum revisions, serve as lecturers, bring an array of projects to the table, and take on mentorship roles.

Our graduates are ready for a wide variety of careers in every sector in which learning professionals work: K-12 (charter, private, public, for-profit), higher education (2- and 4-year institutions), government, corporate, nonprofit, and military. On the job, LDT graduates:
  • Design training and performance support programs, courses and resources.
  • Design job aids and electronic performance support systems.
  • Work on usability and human-computer interaction design.
  • Conduct research.
  • Build complex websites.
  • Oversee learning management and content management systems.
  • Build coaching and mentoring systems.
  • Evaluate program effectiveness and impact.
  • Analysis learning needs and performance opportunities.
Our Stateside Program
A great opportunity for California residents! Now, whether you’re a resident in the San Diego area, or anywhere across California, you can attend LDT@SDSU online as an in-state student. That means that you will pay the regular in-state tuition, and those with financial need may receive both state and federal aid.

Want to learn more about our Program?
There are many opportunities to learn more about LDT:

Questions? We encourage you to complete the JMS/LDT Prospective Student Form so our graduate advisors can respond right away to answer any questions and keep you updated on stateside programs. Or, email us at

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