Graduate Study

The graduate programs in the School of Journalism & Media Studies offers advanced study for individuals seeking additional knowledge of advertising, educational technology/learning design and technology, public relations, journalistic practices, emerging communication technologies, or the impact of mass communication practices on individuals, groups and society as a whole. The programs of study are appropriate for individuals who seek a career in the applied communication fields (journalism, advertising, public relations), who wish to pursue careers involving new media communication industries, who wish to teach at the community college level or who wish to continue studies of mass communication and media at the doctoral level.

Areas of Graduate Study

The School of Journalism & Media Studies offers the Master of Arts degree in Communication, with a specialization in Mass Communication and Media Studies. Learning Design and Technology (formerly Educational Technology) is now part of the School of Journalism & Media Studies, bringing with it the Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology/LDT. The School additionally offers a specialized master’s degree program for military Public Affairs Officers. For a more in-depth look at the areas of graduate study in JMS, please follow the links below: