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Student Work

The School of Journalism and Media Studies encourages all students to engage in research opportunities with faculty members. When appropriate, students also are encouraged to submit their research to competitively selected presentation opportunities at academic conferences. For a list of student research papers written and presented with faculty, see the link under Faculty Research. The list below showcases research written by students on their own, with faculty guidance.

International Public Relations Research Conference
MA Military Public Affairs Students presenting research

Military public affairs officers in our M.A. program present their research paper titled “Organizational Representation in Television: What is the Payoff?” From left, Matt Knight, Rebecca Haggard and Ryan Kelly.

Undergrad public relations students presenting research

Undergraduate public relations students Elpin Keshishzadeh and Courtney White present their research paper titled “Gendered Influences on Career Choice among Public Relations Majors” to other scholars attending the International Public Relations Research Conference.