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Student Work

The School of Journalism and Media Studies encourages all students to engage in research opportunities with faculty members. When appropriate, students also are encouraged to submit their research to competitively selected presentation opportunities at academic conferences. For a list of student research papers written and presented with faculty, see the link under Faculty Research. The list below showcases research written by students on their own, with faculty guidance.

Stay Clear of Disinformation with Parts Two and Three of Media Literacy Series

October 01, 2020

JMS Student Leader Looks to Establish National Association of Black Journalists Chapter

September 29, 2020

School of Journalism and Media Studies Hosts “Disinfection Disinformation” Series

September 28, 2020

JMS Student Chosen for Social Justice Reporting Project

September 24, 2020

JMS Graduate Kaitlyn Little Shares Post Grad Plans

May 20, 2020

Brandon Lim Empowers Fellow Students

May 14, 2020

A Day in the Life

March 26, 2020

Former Pentagon Press Secretary to Lecture Campus

February 19, 2020

JMS Student Secures Internship Through Networking

December 19, 2019

Fourteen Projects From PSFA Selected to Receive Student Success Fee Funding

December 17, 2019