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The SDSU School of Journalism and Media studies prioritizes real-world experiences that help students advance through their careers. Our students are not just learning about the media: they are practicing it. Your contribution creates opportunities for the next generation of storytellers: strengthening our student success, serving our society, and amplifying our impact. To give now, simply click on one of the boxes below highlighting specific funding opportunities.

Strengthening Our Student Success

These funds go to directly support students within the School of JMS. Students in the School of Journalism & Media Studies will use these to procure internships, scholarships, and fellowships in order to gain valuable experience and advance their professional development.

Student Success Fund JMS
To provide support for experiential learning activities such as: internship stipends, service learning, conference fees, travel stipends for conferences, artist-in-residence programs, and other programs at the School of Journalism and Media Studies.

Serving Our Society

The School of Journalism and Media Studies strives to be a beacon to help educate and transform the world. Your contribution will support media research that will inform the public and decision makers across the country. With our current virtual environment, your giving will go towards holding public lectures and webinars on relevant topics in order to create an informed citizenry. Lastly, contributions will help back our two nationally recognized educational centers: Center for Science and Media, and the Broom Center.

Glen M. Broom Student Center
To provide support for a professional public relations practitioner to administer the internship program and teach the appropriate courses, develop training programs for working professionals and support for faculty research.

Amplifying Our Impact

JMS is a leader in training the next generation of innovative and ethical storytellers. In order to train the next generation, we must always be at the forefront of the field. Giving supports technology initiatives to train students on the latest platforms so they are prepared to enter the workforce from day one. Your contribution will also help create new JMS programs within the school and build on current ones, such as our bilingual programs that take advantage of San Diego’s unique location on a border.

Digital Media Innovation
To provide support for the Creation of a virtual training and mentorship program for journalists and journalism students in the School of Journalism and Media Studies in the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts.

Contact the Development Office

For special considerations and for more information, please contact the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Development Office.