Center for Science and Media

The Center for Science and Media is a collaboration of the School of Journalism and Media Studies with the College of Sciences in the areas of research, public service, and curriculum. The Center’s mission is to educate the public about science, through the strategic and ethical use of media. Activities have included:
  • Crisis communications training for first responders, public information officers, and journalists on how to work together to inform the public in times of crisis;
  • News writing course dedicated to science students; $35,000 grant from the Online News Association, which funded geology and journalism students in a joint electronic sensor project to detect air quality levels in San Diego;
  • Colloquium series for public education on such topics as drones in journalism, environmental news reporting, crisis management post-Hurricane Katrina, mental traps faced by scientists and journalists, and crowd-sourcing public health data, such as radiation levels post-Fukushima.