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Visiting Scholars

The School of Journalism and Media Studies welcomes visiting scholars with terminal degrees in areas of relevance to the School: advertising, journalism, learning design and technology, mass communication, media studies, and public relations.

Each year, the School receives many more requests to host visiting scholars than we could ever hope to accommodate. Consequently, JMS faculty have decided that we will only consider as possible visiting scholars those individuals who have earned a terminal degree in an academic area of study.

If you wish to be a visiting scholar in the School of Journalism and Media Studies, please email the school's director, Dr. Temple Northup, and provide the following information:
  • Your purpose for seeking a visiting scholar position with our School
  • The beginning and ending dates of your proposed visit
  • The activities or projects you plan to undertake during your visitation period
  • Your full curriculum vita, including both academic and professional experience.
Please allow at least 4 to 6 months for your information to be reviewed by JMS faculty.

All JMS visiting scholars must be 100% self-funded. The School only has the resources to provide visiting scholars with a shared office space and University library privileges.

For general information on visiting scholars at San Diego State University, please see

Visiting Scholar Yusuke Ibuki
Advertising professor Yang Feng, visiting scholar Yusuke Ibuki and Dr. Bey-Ling Sha