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JMS Students bring home "Big Jack" Award from IPRRC

March 13, 2017

JMS Students bring home

SDSU JMS grad students (from left to right) Justin Smith, Kalyca Becktel, Cassandra Gesecki, and Caleb Eames brought home the Big Jack Award at the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) in Orlando on Saturday. The Big Jack Award was created to remember the legendary public relations practitioner Jack Felton and honor the best presentation at IPRRC. In the four times that the Big Jack Award has been bestowed, SDSU Public Affairs Officers and students have won the award three times. Faculty members Kaye Sweetser and Valerie Barker guided their research.

JMS Faculty, students and alumni had a large presence at the conference where they presented research papers at the premier global conference for public relations scholars and practitioners:

Coast Guard Public Affairs History: The Search for Symmetry – Matthew M. Kroll (U.S. Coast Guard PAO student, presenting from his M.A. thesis advised by SJMS Associate Professor, Dr. Noah Arceneaux)

Policy Aside: A Framing Study on Influencing Cultural and Policy Change within an Organization – Justin Smith, Cassandra Gesecki, Caleb Eames, and Kalyca Becktel (current M.A. students; first three authors are in the military public affairs officers program)

How Far Have We Come?: Looking Back One Year Later on the Effectiveness of the Women in Combat Public Affairs Campaign in the U.S. Marine Corps – Dr. Kaye D. Sweetser (SJMS Associate Professor), Eric Flanagan, Jeremy McLean, and Rachel Nolan (last three authors are U.S. Marine Corps alumni from the PAO program)

Turning Rhetoric Around: Action Strategies, Dominant Coalitions, and Persuasion – Dr. David M. Dozier (SJMS Faculty Emeritus)

Three Ways to Bring Them Up as Communication Executives: A Conceptual Study – Professor Yusuke Ibuki (SJMS visiting scholar)

Navy Public Affairs and the Aircraft Carrier Fleet: Toward a Predictive Model of Success in Social Media and External Media Efforts – Robert S. Pritchard, University of Oklahoma, R. David Hecht, U. S. Navy (SJMS PAO alumnus), and Katey Bishop, Hayley Struck, Whitney Jones, Savannah Jung and Kate Stanke, University of Oklahoma

Current SJMS M.A. students presenting their Policy Aside research.
Dr. Sweetser and alumnus Jeremy McLean.
Dr. Dozier presenting his research.
Alumus David Hecht, Savannah Jung and Robert S. Pritchard.