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Slow Storytelling in the Digital Age

Slow Storytelling in the Digital Age

    March 05, 2017

    Don Belt

The Center for Science and Media by the School of Journalism and Media Studies and College of Sciences at San Diego State University present Don Belt.

Workshop for Educators
Sunday March, 5 | 1-5 p.m. | PSFA 358

Taught by Don Belt, a veteran National Geographic writer and editor, this 4- hour workshop is for any high school or college educator seeking new ways to teach storytelling in the classroom.

Don will share the ‘slow journalism’ curriculum he teaches at the University of Richmond, based on Pulitzer-winner Paul Salopek’s historic Out of Eden Walk tracing the path of ancient human migration across the world for National Geographic.

Spanning seven years and 21,000 miles, the Walk is a model for in-depth multimedia journalism in the digital age, and a terrific classroom resource for educators in journalism and other subjects.

Supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Belt’s Walk on Campus workshop will offer practical tips on bringing an interactive, “hands on” approach to classroom learning—and inspiring your students to participate in a global reporting enterprise.

Space is limited, so please register in advance!

Keynote Lecture
Monday, March 6 | 10-11 a.m. | Gold Auditorium, Donald P. Shiley BioScience Center

Don Belt, a long-time foreign correspondent and editor for National Geographic, describes his own awakening to the power of slow journalism, then takes the audience on a very long walk "Out of Eden" through the multimedia narratives of his colleague Paul Salopek, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and National Geographic Fellow.

For his history-making Out of Eden Walk, Salopek is walking 22,000 miles in the pathways of early human migration, from our origins in Ethiopia to the tip of South America. Along the way, he's using the latest advances in digital media to tell the timeless stories of the places and people he meets, creating a unique and moving record of the planet and its people, 2,500 generations after our ancestors walked out of Africa and began to explore the world.

Don and Paul--and San Diego State University--invite you to slow down, bask in the power of storytelling, and retrace our shared human journey. Free and open to the public.