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Alumni at a luncheon

Loving Rewards in JMS

February 14, 2016

Loving Rewards in JMS Our JMS experience at San Diego State was great training for many of the trials people face after graduating from school. It taught us about the importance of accuracy in our writing, how to work with groups of people from varied backgrounds and how to handle the pressures of multiple projects and short deadlines.

Though it was not easy, it was a rewarding experience, from the simple joy of working extremely hard on semester-length projects and actually receiving a good grade, to hearing high praise from professors on group projects that had been planned and executed over a period of many months. The less-positive feedback received was also extremely valuable. Even though it was sometimes difficult to accept a failing grade over one mistake, these lessons helped us become better writers and prepared us for the unforgiving world outside of school in which mistakes can be catastrophic for the companies we work for as well as our own careers.

The professors we had always made time for us when needed but held us to high expectations. They were understanding, when some accommodations needed to be made, but they did hold us accountable to the work assigned, which was a valuable lesson for life outside of school.

On top of all of the education and the bachelor’s degrees that we received, we met each other in the public relations program, dated for five years and were married in March 2015. We really owe the happiest things in our lives to San Diego State.

Tessa (St. Marie) Williams (public relations alumna, May 2011)
Ian Williams (public relations alumnus, May 2011)