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Alumni at a luncheon

Bonjour From Paris

December 17, 2015

Bonjour From Paris This week, I went to my first work lunch with Vulog, a French start-up organization that creates and supports the technology behind various car-sharing companies. I will be working for them as a marketing and communication assistant, doing various public relations assignments and helping to promote clients.
I would never have found this incredible opportunity if it weren't for the amazing connections I found through the JMS faculty. At the May Senior Sendoff event, I asked (JMS Director) Dr. Sha if she had any leads on jobs in France, and within hours she had sent Vulog my online resume, which I had created in the internship course under the supervision of Professor Nicole Vargas. The online resume was full of the articles, videos and photos I had created during my years in the School of Journalism and Media Studies. I’m so excited to be using both my journalism and French degrees, in the beautiful City of Light. Merci, JMS!

Monica Linzmeier (journalism alumna, May 2015)