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Advertising Curriculum

Please visit the SDSU General Catalog for detailed information on all JMS undergraduate courses.

Required Advertising Core Curriculum

  • JMS 310W - Media Writing and Reporting
  • JMS 460 - Principles of Advertising
  • JMS 462 - Advertising Strategy and Social Media
  • JMS 494 - Media Law and Ethics
  • JMS 560 - Advertising Research
  • JMS 562 - Advertising Creative Development
  • JMS 565 - Advertising Campaigns


Select one of the following courses:

  • JMS 300 - Principles of Journalism
  • JMS 440 - Management of Media Organizations
  • JMS 480 - Principles of Public Relations

Additional Electives

*Select 12 units from any JMS course numbered 300 and higher

Foreign Language

Competency (which is successfully completing the third college semester) is required in one foreign language.

Auxiliary Discipline

Complete at least 15 units, six units of which must be upper division, in ONE academic department outside of JMS. You may choose any 15 units from that department, as long as at least six units are numbered 300 and higher