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Glen Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations

Launched in February 2013 in honor of long-time public relations professor Dr. Glen M. Broom, the Center crystallizes Dr. Broom’s legacy of professional development for students (in the form of internships), for faculty (in the form of research support), and for public relations practitioners (in the form of life-long learning). Some activities of the Broom Center have included:

  • Hosting visiting public relations scholars from Korea, Slovenia and Croatia
  • Housing the Journal of Public Relations Research, edited by Dr. Bey-Ling Sha
  • Offering professional development seminars to public relations practitioners from San Diego and Imperial counties, in coordination with the local chapter of the Public Relations Society of America
  • Hosting panel interviews to support local candidates pursuing the Accreditation in Public Relations, the world’s largest credentialing program for public relations practitioners
  • Sponsoring SDSU undergraduate public relations majors pursuing the national Certificate in Principles of Public Relations, offered by the Universal Accreditation Board
  • Supporting the JMS internship coordinator, who vets and approves internships for School majors in public relations, journalism, advertising, and media studies.