Zaire Hagans-Jackson

Headshot of Zaire Hagans-Jackson

Broom Student Fellow

Class of 2021
Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations

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Zaire Hagans-Jackson grew up between the busy cities of Orange and Newark, New Jersey, greatly motivated by the potential and unique greatness of her and her inner city peers. Elated to continue her formal education amongst others of excellence, Zaire chose to attend the illustrious Hampton University where she will graduate in 2021. Zaire stands to inspire others to invest in a strong mental capacity, visualize forward-thinking as a lifestyle, and withhold a passion for healthy creative expression in the mission we may all live in the abundance of fruitful inner and outer contentment.

Hagans-Jackson earned a spot for class of 2021 in the competitive Broom Student Fellows program in the Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations. The program is designed for students who push the status quo and take initiative even before entering the field.

In the future, Hagans-Jackson will be using her developed professional skillset and longtime affections for aiding others to help artists and brands navigate their industry(ies), communicate with their audiences and the public, manage crisis and the avoidance of, as well as formulate truly fair and mutually beneficial agreements and clear negotiations on various matters. Today, when Hagans-Jackson is not studying or preparing for branding, public relation or creative matters, she is curating @DoseofNectar, her digital magazine based on Instagram, or indulging in the practice and consumption of the culinary arts!

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