Media Studies

What is Media Studies?
The emphasis in media studies prepares students to be successful in the ever-evolving globalized world and the many opportunities that communication technologies enable. Classes emphasize both conceptual and practical knowledge, and explore the wide range of phenomena that constitute media in the modern world. Specific courses focus on digital media analytics, social media leadership, media innovation, and fundamentals of multi-media development. Students have the flexibility to focus on their particular areas of interest. Courses are taught by core faculty with both academic and pragmatic experience, as well as adjunct lecturers with professional media experience.

Students in the media studies emphasis, part of the School of Journalism & Media Studies, will learn:
  • Established and emerging theories of mass communication effects
  • Structure and concentration of media ownership
  • Tools required to become a sophisticated and critical consumer of media content
  • Convergence of traditional media organizations/industries into hybrid structures
  • Emerging media industries and job opportunities
Students in the media studies emphasis begin with a survey course that reviews the processes, effects, and industries in mass/mediated communication. Students learn contemporary theories about how media content and platforms affect audiences and society. In the second semester, media studies students learn about the development of media technologies in the past while simultaneously gaining insight into the latest tools for digital communication. The program culminates in the third semester with a course on the convergence of media industries into new hybrid models that transform the structure and function of traditional media.

What can I do with a Degree in Media Studies?
The emphasis in media studies is not geared towards any specific career, as the knowledge that students acquire is applicable to a wide range of industries. Some graduates have found jobs in the traditional media industries (television, radio, print), while others are working in emerging areas, such as social media community leader, online content manager, and search engine optimization specialist. Given the rapidly changing nature of technology, it is likely media studies graduates will invent new career paths for themselves as media industries evolve.

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