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Learning Design and Technology Minor

Want to make a difference? Then consider a Learning Design and Technology (formerly Educational Technology) minor.

As a professional, you may be called to design, develop, implement and assess e-learning programs, informational web sites, video conferencing, educational games, and multimedia. Through a minor in Learning Design and Technology, you can hone your skills designing and developing cutting edge media technology.

Some of the skills include:
  • Designing effective training and e-learning programs
  • Reaching audiences where they live and work in cyberspace
  • Planning and developing educational and informational web sites
  • Nurturing online learning and support communities
  • Applying instructional design principles to a broad range of opportunities
  • Developing workshops using multimedia and video.
15 units -- 6 units required and 9 units elective at the 500-level.

Required (two courses - 6 units):
  • LDT 540 - Educational Technology
  • LDT 544 - Advanced Instructional Design
Electives (Select three courses – 9 units) from the following:
  • LDT 515 - Games, Play and Learning
  • LDT 525 - Virtual Reality, Imaginary Worlds and the Future of Learning
  • LDT 561 - Advanced Multimedia Design for Learning
  • LDT 596 - Topics in LDT