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Certificate in International Media

The Certificate in International Media offers students a strong theoretical grounding in media and in a specific, applied media field, as well as enhancing this foundational knowledge with courses focused on global aspects of media use, media technologies, and media industries.

This certificate program is open to any student granted enrollment through San Diego State University or through the College of Extended Studies, except major and minor students in the School of Journalism & Media Studies. Information to come soon.

The certificate requires completion of 12 units to include:

One course selected from:

  • JMS 200 - Introduction to Contemporary Media
  • JMS 210 - Social Media in the Digital Age

One course selected from:

  • JMS 300 - Principles of Journalism
  • JMS 408 - Principles of Media Studies
  • JMS 460 - Principles of Advertising
  • JMS 480 - Principles of Public Relations

Two courses selected from:

  • LDT 350 - Designing your International Experience
  • TFM 363 - International Cinema
  • JMS 375 - Media Technology in the Global Environment
  • JMS 450 - Media and Cultures
  • JMS 475 - Mediated Communication in Intercultural Contexts
  • JMS 506 - Advertising and Society
  • JMS 574 - International Advertising
  • JMS 591 - Global Technology: Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age

*A 2.0 GPA in the 12 selected units is required to earn this basic academic certificate.