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SDSU DigiMediaWhat is the Collaborative?

SDSU DigiMedia instructor Joe LittleThe mission of the SDSU Digital and Social Media Collaborative is to provide the most relevant and up-to-date courses in multimedia technologies for students and professionals in a variety of industries, as well as customized training workshops for leaders and managers in the news media and other business organizations; government and military organizations; and nonprofit groups. In addition, the Collaborative will offer multimedia boot camps; research symposia; and round-table discussions on digital innovation and communication technologies.

Why was the Collaborative created?

The DigiMedia Collaborative was created in response to a need expressed by members of professional media organizations in the San Diego region, led by the San Diego Press Club. After surveying local chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Public Relations Society of America, and members of the San Diego Press Club, educators in the School of Journalism & Media Studies and College of Extended Studies at San Diego State University jointly created a unique and sophisticated curriculum for a Digital Media Professional Certificate program.

What is the certificate program in Digital and Social Media?

The Professional Certificate in Digital and Social Media was launched in fall 2009. Close to 100 working professionals from local news media, public relations and private industries have enrolled in the classes, with the majority of participants graduating from the certificate program. The DigiMedia Collaborative is always working on developing new content and courses to ensure a dynamic and relevant experience for students.

What can the DigiMedia Collaborative do for me?

The Collaborative also plans special events and training programs to help educators, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students attempt to make sense of the opportunities and challenges provided by an increasingly complex array of media technologies.

Who is the Collaborative?

The Collaborative’s instructors and advisory board members are widely respected leaders and practitioners of digital media in the fields of journalism and public relations.

To learn more about the certificate, or to enroll, visit

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