Faculty bios

Mei Zhong, Ph.D.

• Full-time faculty
• Emeritus faculty
• Lecturers

Full-time faculty

Noah Arceneaux, Ph.D. University of Georgia; the relationship between technology and culture, social history of electronic communication

Joel J. Davis, Ph.D. University of Chicago; advertising strategies, research and new media

David M. Dozier, Ph.D. Stanford University; public relations management, research and evaluation, mass communication and society

William F. Eadie, Ph.D. Purdue University; persuasion, communication history

John M. Eger, J.D., The Lionel Van Deerlin Endowed Professor of Communications and Public Policy. John Marshall Law School; telecommunications law, policy and regulation

Barbara Mueller, Ph.D. University of Washington; international advertising, advertising and children, advertising and society

Rebecca Coates Nee, Ed.D. Pepperdine University; digital and social media, journalism, non-profit journalism

Amy Schmitz Weiss, Ph.D. University of Texas; online journalism, media sociology, news production, international communication

Bey-Ling Sha, Ph.D., University of Maryland; APR; Interim Director, School of Journalism & Media Studies,  international public relations, cultural identity, activism, gender, health communication

Hongmei Shen, Ph.D. University of Maryland; media relations, marketing and journalism

K. Tim Wulfemeyer, Ed.D. UCLA; journalism and news production, ethics in journalism

Mei Zhong, Ph.D. Kent State University; intercultural communication

Emeritus faculty

Diane L. Borden, Ph.D., Emeritus (1998-2013), University of Washington; mass communication law, gender, journalism

Glen M. Broom, Ph.D., Emeritus (1979-2003). University of Wisconsin; public relations, public relations roles and research

Lee Brown, Ph.D., Emeritus (1978-1994). Professor of Journalism

James K. BuckalewPh.D., Emeritus (1967-1999). Professor of Journalism

Barbara W. HartungPh.D., Emeritus (1976-2001). Executive Assistant to the President and Professor of Journalism

Donald R. MartinPh.D., Emeritus (1969-2004). Ohio State University; emerging telecommunications technologies and telecommunications management

Eric M. OdendahlPh.D., Emeritus (1964-1992). Professor of Journalism

Joseph E. SpevakPh.D., Emeritus (1969-2006). University of Iowa; journalism


Valerie E. Barker, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara; intergroup communication, social media
Lora Cicalo, M.A. San Diego State University
Martin Kruming, J.D. Western State University College of Law
Lorie Hearn, M.A. Northwestern University
Alane S. Lockwood, M.A. San Diego State University
James F. McBride, M.A. San Diego State University
Nicole Vargas, B.A. University of California, San Diego

On this page: Mei Zhong is associate professor in the School of Journalism & Media Studies. Her primary research is in intercultural and cross-cultural communication and culture in the media, with a focus on the Chinese culture and communication phenomena. She also studies communication of the only-child generation in the People’s Republic of China, conflict resolution in the only-child family, and media style differences in China and Taiwan. Photo by Sam Hodgson.